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Private Security Training Academy


Course Objective:

To provide the student with a basic understanding of the conditions in which the baton may be used, justification for use, and how to document these actions. This is a (4) hour class of instruction and is available every WEDNESDAY, from 9am to 1pm.

The ASP Tactical Baton programs are designed to meet three standards of training:

* The techniques that work on the street, not just in the classroom

* The techniques which are court defensible, and are backed by the nation’s most experienced use of force consultants

* This program is administratively feasible for use in a contemporary law enforcement agency

Course Description:

* 4 Hour hands on participatory seminar
*  Trained operational use of the ASP tactical baton

Focuses on:

1.    Teleportation (Carrying)
2.    Presentation (Drawing)
3.    Striking techniques
4.    Mechanical function
5.    Maintenance

ASP tactical baton is designed as a defensive impact weapon. This program is simple to learn and easy to understand. This course will provide efficient defensive impact weapon, and tactics for law enforcement without long hours of training

This course will provide techniques that work 90% of the time, on 90% of subjects, and retains the ability to disengage or escalate. This course works effectively for all law enforcement officers
The training in this course incorporates drills which simulates the stress of street encounters


Certification for Security Officers is granted under the self-defense statute in Texas under Section 9.31 of the Texas State Penal Code.

Classroom instruction is now mandated for defense of civil law suits arising out of (Vicarious Liability) for consent to carry by Security Companies and their employees.


The Price is $50.


1. History of the Police Baton

2. Baton Nomenclature

3. Resistance and Control Management

4. Officer and Individual Factors/ Escalation Through the Levels of Control

5. Recognizing the Threat

6. Elements of Reporting Resistance and Control

7. Agency Policies and Procedures8. Reasonable Target Selections

9. Target Areas

10. Principles of Balance, Movement, Center and Reaction Time

11. Relative Positioning

12. Science of Energy and Motion

13. Three Ranges of Physical Combat

14. Angles of Attack and Defense

15. Baton Grips and Ready Positions

16. Baton Drawing Techniques

17. Baton Counter-Strikes

18. Baton Shielding

19. Baton Retention

20. Methods of Instruction
(Instructor Course)


This class is no longer regulated by the Texas Board of Private Security and can be carried by both commissioned and non-commissioned security officers.

A certificate of completion must be on file in the companies employment records to enact
the vicarious liability mandates.


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